The AbSmart Fitness Plan by Adam Weiss

The AbSmart Fitness Plan by Adam Weiss
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The AbSmart Fitness Plan

by Adam Weiss


A smarter, safer way to trim your waistline--without pain, injury, and all those crunches!

As a chiropractic physician, Adam Weiss understands that traditional ab exercises can cause back pain, strain muscles, and can even cause misalignment. Thats why he created a truly safe, and amazingly effective, routine for slimming your waist--without the risk of pain or injury. His revolutionary approach targets and strengthens your core muscles using a unique combination of muscle stretches, dynamic exercises, and dietary advice. Its safe. Its smart. And it works.

I love The AbSmart Fitness Plan. Having neck and back problems I find the exercises easy and safe for me to do. But more than that is the great information Dr. Weiss includes on nutrition. He brings together the knowledge of not only how to exercise properly, but how to nourish your body to get optimal results.

--Brenda Watson, CNC, Author of The Fiber35 Diet

Table of contents



Part One C Getting Started

1. Why Abs Smart Fitness Works

2. Why Crunches Dont Get the Job Done

3. Preparing to Workout

Part Two - Your Workout: Ultimate Core Fitness

4. Alternative Moves to building a stronger, firmer midsection

5. New Twists for Sculpting your Love Handles

6. Shrink Your Waistline with Lower Core Power

7. Resistance Training to Bring out Your Chiseled Abs

Part Three: Putting It All Together: The AbSmart Fitness Plan

8. The Ultimate Core Conditioning Circuit

9. What to Eat for a Lean and Healthy Waistline

10. Beat the Bloat for a flatter stomach

11. How You Eat is Just as Important as What You Eat




Biographical note

Adam Weiss, D.C., is a board certified chiropractic physician and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Medical director of Weiss Health and Fitness Center, Dr. Weiss has worked with professional and Olympic-level athletes and conducts strengthening and conditioning workshops throughout the United States. He lives in Illinois.