Anger Management For Dummies by W. Doyle Gentry, PhD

Anger Management For Dummies by W. Doyle Gentry, PhD
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Anger Management For Dummies

by W. Doyle Gentry, PhD

If your anger, or that of a loved one, is out of control and threatening your life and livelihood, you need the calm, clear, and understanding help you¡¯ll find in Anger Management For Dummies. This concise and practical guidebook shares specific anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you identify the sources of your anger and release yourself from their grip.

You¡¯ll find out how to:

Defuse your anger before it strikes

Express your feelings calmly

Respond rather than react

Prevent anger incidents in the future

Release healthy anger in a healthy way

Confess your anger in a journal

Use anger constructively

Get beyond old anger through forgiveness

Complete with coverage of road rage, air rage, office rage, and dealing with angry children, Anger Management for Dummies gives you the tools you need to overcome your anger and live a happier, more productive life.


W. Doyle Gentry, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and Director of the Institute for Anger-Free Living in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is a Fellow in the American Psychological Association and was the Founding Editor of the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. In Dr. Gentry¡¯s four-decade career as a scientist-practitioner, he has authored over 100 publications, including eight books, and is a pioneer in the fields of health psychology, behavioral medicine, and anger management. He has previously served on the faculty of Duke University Medical Center and the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. Gentry has conducted training seminars for lay and professional audiences throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has also served as a consultant to major industry, where he specializes in conflict management, team building, and health promotion. Articles referring to Dr. Gentry¡¯s work on anger regularly appear in a variety of contemporary magazines, and he is frequently interviewed on radio and television for insights into how to create and maintain an anger-free life. He is the author of two earlier self-help books on anger: ANGER-FREE: Ten Basic Steps to Managing Your Anger (Quill, 2000) and When Someone You Love Is Angry (Berkley, 2004).


Introduction. Part I: The Basics of Anger.

Chapter 1: Anger: The Universal Emotion.

Chapter 2: When Is Anger a Problem?

Chapter 3: Is Anger Poisoning Your Life?

Part II: Managing Your Anger Today.

Chapter 4: Taking Immediate Action.

Chapter 5: Speaking Out in Anger.

Chapter 6: Keeping Your Cool.

Part III: Preventing Anger Tomorrow.

Chapter 7: Adopting a New Perspective.

Chapter 8: Saying What You Feel.

Chapter 9: Confessing Your Anger.

Chapter 10: Become a Type B.

Chapter 11: Using Anger Constructively.

Part IV: Handling Anger from the Past.

Chapter 12: Why Is Letting Go So Difficult?

Chapter 13: Forgiving.

Part V: Lifestyle Changes That Improve More Than Your Anger.

Chapter 14: Managing Stress.

Chapter 15: Managing Your Chemistry.

Chapter 16: Adding Balance to Your Life.

Chapter 17: Getting a Good Night¡¯s Sleep.

Chapter 18: Looking to a Higher Power.

Chapter 19: Staying in a Good Mood.

Part VI: Managing Anger in Key Relationships.

Chapter 20: At Work.

Chapter 21: At Home.

Chapter 22: In Intimate Relationships.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Raise a Non-Angry Child.

Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Combat Road Rage.

Chapter 25: Ten Anger-Freeing Thoughts.