Big Money, Little Effort by Mark Shipman

Big Money, Little Effort by Mark Shipman
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Big Money, Little Effort

A Winning Strategy for Profitable Long-term Investment

Kogan Page May 28, 2008 Adobe E-Book

reviews, etc, for 'next big investment boom':

¡°shipman has succinctly distilled his mindset¡­ in his view, the correct temperament for successful investors demands they see things as they are and evaluate everything with cold, unemotional logic.¡±

the sunday times

¡°shipman used a disarmingly simple trend-following technical approach to retire rich in his thirties. like all good ideas, shipman¡¯s approach is deceptively simple. he buys when it is clear that an asset is moving upwards and he sticks with it until it is clear that it is no longer doing so¡­really impressive.¡±

the daily telegraph

¡°mark is a shrewd, disciplined and unemotional observer of the investment scene.¡±

¡°mr shipman is a highly successful investor and has invested in many different asset classes over the past 20 years. his trick is to spot an undervalued asset class, buy into it and stay with it as a ¡°momentum investor¡± until prices first show sign of significant weakness and then sell out.¡±

ame info ¨C middle east finance and economy

¡°mark shipman made a fortune for himself since leaving school at the age of 16, and is now investment adviser to a range of prestigious uk clients.¡±

money week

¡°mark shipman is a successful investor with a lengthy track record of doing what he preaches: essentially identifying a trend and following it as long as it continues and exiting when the trend ends. mr shipman writes in a tidy concise style without the waffle that many other investment books seem to be padded with.¡±

a private portfolio

¡°in an ongoing jousting match with the markets, mark shipman uses a disciplined technical approach to keep from being unseated. he has garnered some peerless returns.¡±

futures magazine

¡°his personal style could only be described as cautious. confident that his strategy will make money, shipman simply follows with impunity the signals he receives.¡±

futures market alert