Contemporary Logistics Golbal ed of 11th revised ed edition by Murphy

Contemporary Logistics  Golbal ed of 11th revised ed edition by Murphy
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Contemporary Logistics Golbal ed of 11th revised ed edition by Paul R. Murphy (Author), Donald Wood (Author)

For undergraduate and graduate courses in Logistics.

This market-leading text explores modern logistics from a managerial perspective characterized by geopolitical tensions in various parts of the world, steadily increasing trade among countries and across continents, supply chain vulnerabilities caused by severe natural disasters, and an unabated pace of technological advancement. In it, readers see theory come to life through the authors¡¯ timely, practical, thorough, and exciting coverage of the fundamentals of logistics in today¡¯s dynamic global landscape.

The invaluable suggestions of reviewers, adopters, and others¨Ccoupled with the expertise of new co-author A. Michael Knemeyer¨Chave been incorporated into this new 11th edition to provide the freshest, most up-to-date insights and perspectives. Included is a new case study plus new examples, references, and discussions throughout. The illustrative tables, figures, and key terms have been revised or updated.

This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience¨Cfor you and your students. Here¡¯s how:

Give Students a Solid Foundation in the Basics of Logistics: Students get a solid foundation in the basics of logistics,through the focus on the fundamentals in the book¡¯s succinct and thorough coverage, while still getting coverage of supply chain management issues. Increase Students¡¯ Understanding through Real-Life Examples: Positive real-life examples provided in the books case studies further serve to improve students¡¯ understanding of the concepts. Keep your Course Current with Today¡¯s Pressing Global Issues: Readers are brought up to date on today¡¯s pressing global issues through the authors¡¯ chapter revisions, new examples, current references, and addition of new content throughout.