Cool Time: A Hands-on Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time by Steve Prentice

Cool Time: A Hands-on Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time by Steve Prentice
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Cool Time:

A Hands-on Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time

by Steve Prentice

If you have ever said (or felt) any of the following, then Cool Time is the solution for you:

I spend more and more time just dealing with e-mail.

I often take work home or stay late because that's when I work without distraction.

A lot of time gets wasted in meetings.

There are too many interruptions.

I plan my day every day, but by 9:15 it's totally derailed.

I never feel caught up!

Cool Time is a time management book with a difference. It's all about keeping mentally and physically cool so that you are always at your best and on top of your game. When you're mentally cool, you make the best decisions and get the best stuff done, and that's the root of successful time management.

Cool Time doesn't focus on prioritizing and agenda setting. In the real world of interruptions, e-mail, and distractions, few people are able to organize their work in isolation from everything else. In fact, effective time management is more about human relationships and expectations than it is about making lists.

Cool Time is a complete approach to managing time and defending it from the endless demands and expectations of others in the workplace and at home.

Contains practical, personal techniques that will help you apply your new skills to real-world situations: holding time-effective meetings, dealing with distractions, learning to focus, coping with unrealistic workloads, planning for the unexpected, negotiating with your manager over conflicting tasks, using technology effectively (the phone, PDAs, and e-mail).

Includes suggestions on non-work activities, which make this a complete approach to managing time and balancing life.

Features lots of examples, practical tips, and concepts that are memorable and easy to apply, as well as to explain and teach to others in your life. Concepts such as the "I-Beam Agenda" for planning and structuring your day, "Keystone Time" that you block off for focused work, "The 60-Second Workspace" for organizing yourself physically and mentally, and many more.

A complete approach to managing time, priorities, and people in an increasingly fast paced world, Cool Time allows you to be in control, feel less stress, and never break a sweat as you go about your day.


Steve Prentice is passionate about understanding how adults survive and thrive in the high-speed working world. In 1989 he graduated from Montreal's Concordia University with a degree in Communications Studies, and was also Valedictorian for that year. In 1990 he was nominated as a candidate for the Rhodes Scholarship while studying law at York University in Toronto. In 1991 Steve withdrew from the study of law created his consulting company Bristall Morgan Inc., and has enjoyed great success as a speaker, facilitator, consultant, and media interview guest across the U.S. and Canada, teaching people about time, productivity, and career survival. In 2004, Steve returned to York University and is now working towards a Masters Degree in Psychology.


Introduction. Chapter 1. Quick! Look Over There!

Chapter 2. You Are Here: The Human Body and Time.

Chapter 3. Inventory and It's Role in Predicting the Future.

Chapter 4. The I-Beam Agenda: Applying Inventory and Structure.

Chapter 5. Influence, Conditioning, and Communicating.

Chapter 6. Application: Productivity techniques.

Chapter 7. Productivity: How Do You Know if You're Being Productive?

Chapter 8. The Fifty-Five Minute Meeting: Conditioning in the Boardroom.

Chapter 9. Interruptions and Interactions: Dealing with the People in Your World.

Chapter 10. communicating: Getting the Message.

Chapter 11. The Sixty-Second Work Space: A Place for Everything.

Chapter 12. Work-Life Balance: The Circular Engine.

Chapter 13. Cool-Time: Perfection Through Precision.

Chapter 14. Implementation: Getting There From Here.

Chapter 15. Your Achilles' Heel: Personal Obstacles.

Chapter 16. Roadblocks: Environmental Obstacles to Implementation.

Chapter 17. Cool Time in the Home: This Time It's Personal.

Chapter 18. In Conclusion: Getting Started.

Appendix: Common Objections to Time Management.

Cool Time Glossary.



About The Author.