Deva Premal - The Essence (MP3 album) [320K] 134MB 1998

Deva Premal - The Essence (MP3 album) [320K] 134MB 1998
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Deva Premal - The Essence (MP3 album) [320K] 134MB 1998

01. Gayatri Mantra 02. Om Asatoma 03. Tumare Darshan 04. Om Namo 05. Shima Shima 06. Sammasati 07. Yemaya Assessu 08. Gayatri Mantra (Bonus Track)

German-born vocalist Deva Premal has the voice all singers aspire to: pure and warmly resonant, with perfect enunciation.

This top selling New Age/World beat CD is smooth, silky, calming and peaceful. Featuring Deva Premal's transcendant voice, ambient grooves, keyboard and hand percussion, THE ESSENCE invokes the heart healing power of ancient chants and mantras. The Gayatri Mantra, the oldest known to mankind, is the centerpiece of this truly meditative CD. Ideal for yoga, healing work, meditation and dancing.

"This is the music of Earth Angels, listen with your 3rd ear!" -- Gabrielle Roth