Deva Premal & Miten -Soul in Wonder (MP3 album) [224K] 95.2MB 2007

Deva Premal & Miten -Soul in Wonder  (MP3 album) [224K] 95.2MB 2007
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Deva Premal & Miten -Soul in Wonder (MP3 album) [224K] 95.2MB 2007

01. Through the Eyes of an Angel (For Deva)

02. Lokah Samasta

03. Calma E Tranquilidade

04. Awakening

05. Humaniversal

06. Twameva

07. Fly High/Om Shree Rama (For Disha)

08. You Gotta Move

09. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart

10. Free Spirit (Ashes to Ashes)

Miten is an English musician who has been the not-so-silent partner of German chant diva, Deva Premal, since the early 1990s. You always get the sense that he's the music engine behind Premal's recordings. But Miten has released his own albums as well. In fact, under his birth name of Andy Desmond, he even recorded rock albums in the 1970s, including one produced by Dave Davies of The Kinks. On Soul in Wonder, Miten pairs mysticism with sentimentality in soft-pop meditations. Take away some come-hither, ear-caressing bansuri flute by Manose on spiritual ballads like "Through the Eyes of an Angel," "Humaniversal," and "Awakening," and they could've been sung by '70s soft-rocker Kenny Loggins. Elsewhere, he indulges his '60s roots, covering the blues tune, "You Gotta Move." It's done in a true blues style, but seems like it dropped in from another session across the river. Despite his efforts to bring diversity, the most effective tracks are the elaborate chant arrangements featuring Deva Premal. With her silken voice leading the way, Miten brings a reggae lilt to "Jokah Samasta," while "Calma e Tranguilade" features a chime-dappled flute alap from Manose. But for every "Twameva," an introspective chant over a long-ambient drift of deep echo flute and guitar sustains, there's an "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" piece of heartfelt treacle like "Fly High." --John Diliberto (

Rocking grooves mingle with the wood smoke of India on this warm and mysterious album from Miten, a seasoned artist at the peak of his poetic powers. Singing to our soul, Miten's tales of meditation, acceptance and revelation are enhanced by Deva Premal's divine vocals and the bansuri flute of Manose, along with harmonium, kora, violin, Hammond organ, slide guitar and mandolin. (Product Description)