de Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting BY Victor Devilliers, Owen Taylor

de Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting BY Victor Devilliers, Owen Taylor
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de Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting

BY Victor Devilliers, Owen Taylor

Publisher: Harriman House (July 30, 2007)

Product Description

Little is known about the personal lives of each of these authors, but in surveying their other books and writings, a more informed picture emerges of their capabilities in their chosen field, stock and futures market analysis. From the quality and clearness of the writings in this and other of his works, it soon becomes apparent that Victor DeVilliers was not only very knowledgeable on the markets but he had the uncommon talent to put it into written words. (Most market authors are generally better traders and investors than writers.) On the other hand Owen Taylor was certainly extremely capable, being more the expert on the technical aspects of market analysis, something easily ascertainable from the Technical Analysis subjects that he presented in his own books and booklets. It is to the credit of both authors that they recognized just how valuable to investors and traders the Point and Figure method could be and that they saw fit to produce this fascinating work on a subject that in its essence is just putting small "Xs" on graph paper. But how to put them to graph paper and how to read their meanings is what can separate the trading and investing boys from the trading and investing men. Surveying all of the writings that have been published over the years, we find there have been and are a number of good, very good and excellent books on the Point and Figure methodology and its star attributes. However, every once in a while someone comes along and writes what is easily the seminal work, the finest on its particular subject. Some 65 years later we can attest to the fact that Victor DeVilliers and Owen Taylor rule the roost on their chosen subject with the two volumes republished here, which taken together, have to be considered the ultimate - "The Bible of Point and Figure Charting."

From the Inside Flap

Experiences of the recent bear market which had its termination in July 1932 caused many former investors and traders to turn to the literature of economics and market technique in order to get a better understanding of the principles underlying stock price movements. Many have come to realize the futility of depending upon tips, rumors, and gossip to guide them in their market commitments. Countless others have come to the conclusion that statistics and fundamentals serve only to aid the manipulators, banking sponsors and insiders to unload their stock on the unwary.

All will agree that a correct analysis of the technical position of stocks and the market in general is the only key to consistent profit from speculative and trading commitments.

Until the publication of the original edition of this work, it was the privilege of the few who made fortunes from speculation to have the advantage of this, the most logical and pragmatical of al methods used for the purpose of plotting the price course of stocks and commodities. This Method has been the keystone and bulwark of the plans of America's most successful speculators and commentators, from Charles Henry Dow, the father of art of anticipating stock price movements, down to and including those who have profited most during 1929 and subsequently.

We offer you the principles of this tried and proven Method because we feel that a broad dissemination of this information will do much to prevent the excesses of bull market peaks and also help avoid the unreasonable deflation of values, as well as the vicious cycles of forced selling and the resultant suffering of depression lows which so surely must follow.

We desire to express our appreciation to Mr. J. Martiney of the publisher's technical staff for the many helpful suggestions given and his care in the preparation of the charts used in this work.