Electronic Day Trading to Win BY Bob Baird, Craig McBurney, Bob Baird, Craig McBurney

Electronic Day Trading to Win BY Bob Baird, Craig McBurney, Bob Baird, Craig McBurney
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Electronic Day Trading to Win

BY Bob Baird, Craig McBurney, Bob Baird, Craig McBurney

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; 1 edition (July 23, 1999)


Is day trading just another form of gambling--a sure way for the unlucky to get to the poor house? Not at all, according to Bob Baird and Craig McBurney. In Electronic Day Trading to Win, the two set out to show how different sorts of people--professionals, part-time workers, those in dead-end careers, retirees, and baby boomers--can be successful traders by applying the principles outlined in their book. Baird, a geologist by training, and McBurney, who runs TradeMentor, an Internet-based training program for day traders, argue that the only way to day trade is through direct-access accounts (as opposed to trading through a broker or an online account). After an introduction to the workings of the various exchanges--as well as chapters on ECNs, market psychology, and technical analysis--the authors show how to set up and use a trading screen then they step readers through a typical trading day. Electronic Day Trading to Win is an easy-to-read and well-rounded introduction into the world of day trading that aspiring day traders would do well to add to their bookshelves, next to titles such as How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading and Day Trade Online. --Harry C. Edwards

Product Description

Wiley online trading for a Living Real tactics for real profits¡ªanytime, anywhere! In this authoritative and educational guide to electronic day trading, experts Bob Baird and Craig McBurney cut through the media hype to reveal the truth about this revolutionary new form of trading: virtually anyone armed with the new generation of inexpensive, user-friendly digital trading technology now has the power to make markets and reap rewards traditionally enjoyed exclusively by the big brokerage houses¡ªprovided they are fully trained. Day trading for a living can be a profitable endeavor; day trading on a lark, without proper know-how, is not only unwise but can be dangerous to your risk capital.

Backed by their experience as successful electronic day traders, Baird and McBurney provide the expert guidance you¡¯ll need to thrive in this increasingly popular trading arena. Following a preliminary review of market basics, the authors cut to the chase with a complete hands-on tutorial in all practical aspects of electronic day trading. They introduce you to SOES and electronic communication networks (ECNs), and show you how to use them to execute trades instantaneously, thereby eliminating excessive broker fees and poor fills due to lag-times between order placements and executions. In addition to walking you through such nuts-and-bolts issues as the computer trading screen setup and assessing trading rooms, the authors provide priceless pointers on how to anticipate the impact of the news on the marketplace and exploit the subtleties of trading psychology. Baird and McBurney also explore various day trading strategies and styles¡ªsuch as market timing, scalping, momentum, and swing trading¡ªand help you successfully adopt the ones best suited to your personality and goals.

A complete hands-on guide to today¡¯s most exciting form of trading, Electronic Day Trading to Win is an indispensable training tool for newcomers and experienced day traders alike.

Master the Electronic Trading Game!

Here¡¯s your opportunity to learn everything you need to know to become a successful full-time or part-time electronic day trader. You¡¯ll never need a broker again! Online day trading pioneers Bob Baird and Craig McBurney provide you with a wealth of how-to information on:

Why electronic beats online trading

Setting up a home-based trading room

Trading screen setup and customization

Level II data ¡ª why you need it

Day trading styles and strategies

Understanding and using SOES

Selecting an ECN

Market psychology and technical analysis

And much more!