Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques: A Guide for Managers by Erich Helfert

Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques: A Guide for Managers by Erich Helfert
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Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques: A Guide for Managers

by Erich Helfert

Product Description

Praise for Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques: "Bona fide treasury for executives, managers, entrepreneurs. Have long used this great work in corporate & university programs. Uniquely makes the arcane clear." Allen B. Barnes, Provost, IBM Advanced Business Institute

"A candidate for every consultant-to-management's bookshelf. Its beauty lies in the dynamic model of the business system and its management decision framework." Stanley Press CMC, Book review in C2M Consulting to Management Journal

"Goes a long way to remove the mystery from business finance. Approach allows managers from all areas to understand how their decisions impact shareholder value." Stephen E. Frank, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Southern California Edison

"Helfert has rare ability to make financial concepts understandable to those lacking financial background. His finance seminars exceeded our high expectations." L. Pendleton Siegel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Potlatch Corporation

"Commend the clarity, organization and currency of contents. There is no other book available that does the task in such an understandable and accessible way." Dr. Thomas F. Hawk, Frostburg State University

"Helfert's excellent overviews and simplified models effectively broadened our managers' understanding of their fiscal responsibility to HP and our shareholders." Robert P. Wayman, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Hewlett-Packard Company

"The book has become a classic, and Helfert has been of substantial help to my company in teaching our people how to think about the numbers which drive it." Robert J. Saldich, President and Chief Executive Officer, Raychem Corporation

"Helfert has contributed to the development of financial skills of TRW managers through his book, case studies and presentations, and highly rated instruction." Peter S. Hellman, President and Chief Operating Officer, TRW Inc.

"Helfert has the ability to make financial concepts understandable, and his credibility and content added significantly to the success of our educational effort." Giulio Agostini, Senior Vice President Finance, and Office Administration, 3M Corporation

"Helfert's writing and teaching have become a mainstay for us, and his business and strategic sense have been recognized as valuable guides to our process." William H. Clover, Ph.D., Manager of Training, and AMOCO Learning Center

Concepts and tools for making sound business decisions

Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques, a business-focused revision of Erich Helfert's perennial college bestseller Techniques of Financial Analysis, is a quick, easy read for nonfinancial managers and an excellent refresher and reference for finance professionals. This practical, hands-on guide provides a new introductory chapter that gives context to today's valuation turmoil and helps professionals understand the economic drivers of a business and the importance of cash flow.

The book's overriding theme is that any business should be viewed as a dynamic, integrated system of cash flows one that can be activated and managed by investment decisions. Topics, discussed in clear, comprehensive, and easy-to- understand detail, include:

Increasing shareholder value through value-based management (VBM)

Interpreting pro forma financial statements

From the Back Cover

Proven Techniques for All Managers and Financial Professionals to Generate, Understand, and Act Upon Key Financial Information

The syntax and "code" of financial analysis, along with the avenues for arriving at appropriate and useful answers, have long seemed like a foreign language to nonfinancial managers. Financial Analysis Tools and Techniques simplifies the process, and provides busy managers and professionals with the guidelines they need for conducting effective analyses and making sound economic trade-offs and business decisions.

In a business systems context, this essential book explains how to:

Interpret financial statements

Develop financial projections

Evaluate business investment decisions

Assess the implications of financing choices

Derive the value of a business or security

Understand the role of analysis in creating shareholder value

Financial Genome by Modernsoft, Inc.

Since the first of its ten editions appeared in 1963, Erich Helfert's seminal Techniques of Financial Analysis has provided business students as well as financial practitioners with a concise and practical overview of financial analysis tools and concepts. What sets this classic text apart then, and continues to distinguish it today, has been its focus on the continuous interrelationship between management decisions and the economic value of a business, explained in a unique systems context.

Financial Analysis: Tools and Techniques adapts this seminal reference to today's fast-changing professional market and establishes a new benchmark for direct, concise, and practical financial analysis information and interpretation.

Specifically addressing key analytical needs in the tumultuous twenty-first-century business environment, it comments on valuable business applications of the tools and concepts with insights from Erich Helfert and his consulting clients.

Providing focused analyses of the economics of business investments and valuation, presenting discussions of cash-flow trade-offs and time-value analysis against the strategic backdrop of the business system, and emphasizing enhancement of shareholder value through value-based management (VBM), Financial Analysis: Tools and Techniques will help all nonfinancial managers to make sound investment, operating, and financing decisions. Concise yet sufficiently detailed, it covers the full range of financial analysis issues, including:

Managing the business as a system

Financial statements

Funds cycles for manufacturing, sales, and service

Cash management

Ratio analysis and performance

Pro-forma financial statements

Financial modeling


Financial growth plans

Time value of money

Analysis of investment decisions

Using return standards

Cost of capital

Financing choices

Definitions of value

Shareholder value and value-based methodologies

Financial Analysis: Tools and Techniques is a quick and easy read for the nonfinancial manager and an excellent refresher and reference for the financial professional. In conjunction with its companion software Financial Genome, it represents the next step in financial analysis one that gives financial analysis and economic decisions their proper importance and context in the successful operation of a business.