Franchise Value: A Modern Approach to Security Analysis by Martin L. Leibowitz

Franchise Value: A Modern Approach to Security Analysis by Martin L. Leibowitz
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Franchise Value: A Modern Approach to Security Analysis

by Martin L. Leibowitz

A modern approach to equity valuation Understanding the key ingredients that combine to affect price/earnings (P/Es) is of crucial importance to the investment process. In Franchise Value, Martin Leibowitz tackles the imposing task of determining what really has an impact on P/Es. The author shows why he subscribes to the conventional logic that the P/E gauges the market's assessment of the firm's future. He then introduce readers to the franchise-value approach to analyzing the prospective cash flows that determine a company's P/E. The franchise-value approach to valuation enables the analyst or investor to break the firm into two key component parts and to value those components. The franchise value approach is original and insightful, and with this book, readers can begin to implement this approach to perform better equity valuations.

Martin L. Leibowitz, PhD (Stamford, CT), is Vice Chair and Chief Investment Officer at TIAA-CREF, where he is responsible for the overall management of all TIAA-CREF investments. He has authored several books and more than 130 articles, nine of which have received a Financial Analysts Journal Graham and Dodd Award of Excellence.


CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to the Franchise Value Approach. CHAPTER 2: Sales-Driven Franchise Value Reprinted from monograph published by the Research Foundation of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, July 1997.

CHAPTER 3: Franchise Margins and the Sales-Driven Franchise Value Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 1997 (Received Graham & Dodd Scroll for 1997).

CHAPTER 4: Franchise Value and the Price/Earnings Ratio with Stanley Kogelman ¡°Inside the P/E Ratio: The Franchise Factor,¡± Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 1990 ¡°Inside the P/E Ratio (Part II): The Franchise Portfolio,¡± Salomon Brothers, January 1991 ¡°A Franchise Factor Model for Spread Banking,¡± Salomon Brothers, April 1991 ¡°The Franchise Factor for Leveraged Firms,¡± Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 1991 ¡°Franchise Value and the Growth Process,¡± Financial Analysts Journal, January/February 1992 (Received Graham & Dodd Scroll) ¡°The Growth Illusion: The P/E ¡®Cost¡¯ of Earnings Growth,¡± Salomon Brothers, April 1993 (Received Graham & Dodd Scroll) ¡°Inflation-Adjusted ROEs: Strong Effects Even with Low Inflation,¡± Journal of Investing, Winter 1993 ¡°Resolving the Equity Duration Paradox,¡± Financial Analysts Journal, January/February 1993 ¡°Theoretical Price/Earnings Ratios and Accounting Variables,¡± Salomon Brothers, June 1992.

CHAPTER 5: Franchise Valuation under Q-Type Competition Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 1998.

CHAPTER 6: P/E Forwards and Their Orbits Financial Analysts Journal, May/June 1999 (Received Graham & Dodd Scroll for 1999).

CHAPTER 7: Franchise Labor Financial Analysts Journal, March/April 2000.

CHAPTER 8: Spread-Driven Dividend Discount Models Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 2000.

CHAPTER 9: The Levered P/E Ratio Financial Analysts Journal, November/December 2002.

CHAPTER 10: The Franchise Value Approach to the Leveraged Company The Research Foundation of AIMR.

CHAPTER 11: Retirement Planning and the Asset/Salary Ratio with J. Benson Durham, P. Brett Hammond, and Michael Heller Innovations in Retirement Financing, University of Pennsylvania Press.