Gary Bates - Alien Intrusion (mp3 audiobook)

Gary Bates - Alien Intrusion (mp3 audiobook)
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Gary Bates - Alien Intrusion (mp3 audiobook)

Intelligent life on other worlds? Little green men? Flying saucers? Alien intervention in life on Earth?

No longer the realm of science fiction, the search for extraterrestrial life has taken the world by storm since the mysterious crash at Roswell popularized a phenomenon that had been mystifying the world for centuries. Now find answers to one of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time in this audiobook version of Alien Intrusion!

This new release is a comprehensive and compelling exploration of the alien life/UFO phenomenon, and presents a conclusion that is dramatic and shocking! There is a "interdimensional" ¨C and spiritual - battle ongoing, and Earth is the battlefield. With over 12 hours of audio on 11 CDs, Alien Intrusion is a perfect addition to your audiobook library!

"One of the most haunting and persistent mysteries of our time" • UFOs sighted in every country • Suicides in the cults • Alien abductions? • Crop circles • Government cover-ups? • Ancient astronauts?

UFO sightings have been reported throughout the centuries by trustworthy citizens. But in our enlightened technological age, are we any closer to solving the mystery? This book revisits the most famous events that have defined UFO culture, such as Roswell and alien autopsies; astronaut Gordon Cooper¡¯s sightings; Major Donald Keyhoe¡¯s allegations of official silence; and the claims of famous contactees Billy Meier and George Adamski.

Also discover evidence about alien abductions and other UFO phenomena that are widely ignored by the UFO community. This book will surprise you and challenge your thinking¡ªnot just about UFOs, but about the nature of life itself.

This volume brings together the most important evidences, and comes to conclusions far more disturbing¡ªand more important¡ªthan most Christians every imagined!

Editorial Reviews About the Author

As a lifelong fan of sci-fi, Gary Bates¡¯ extensive background in marketing and communication have positioned him well to present in a fast-paced, gripping read the findings of his specialist research into UFO phenomenon and associated extraterrestrial beliefs.

Unlike many UFO researchers, he avoids the ¡®one-size-fits-all¡¯ explanation. But his research, along with uncovering many bizarre claims (and debunking some), leads the reader on a fascinating exploration of myth, mystery, and questions of who we are, how we came to be ¨C and are we alone in this great big universe.

A convert to Christianity, Gary recognizes the way in which UFO beliefs are rapidly escalating in society and the church, challenging the foundations of many faiths. For many years, Gary has been speaking to church audiences on science topics, including creation/evolution. He is currently the head of the ministry development department of what is possibly Australia¡¯s largest parachurch organization, one that has spawned sister offices in five other countries