James Arthur Ray - Million Dollar Mindset (audiobook mp3)

James Arthur Ray - Million Dollar Mindset (audiobook mp3)
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James Arthur Ray - Million Dollar Mindset

How to Harness Your Internal Force to Live the Lifestyle You Deserve

(audiobook mp3) size of 66mb

Publisher: SunArk Press (May 2005)


As a self-made millionaire and business owner, James is one of few spiritual teachers who has achieved top honors in the business world and has thrived as an entrepreneur for over 16 years. His background in behavioral sciences and entrepreneurship, coupled with his avid spiritual quest, gives him a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.

Recently recognized in the San Diego Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial businesses in the area, James Ray International is a multi-million dollar business specializing in teaching individuals how to create wealth in all areas of their life: financially, relationally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Prior to his entrepreneurial success, James had a flourishing corporate career, during which he spent over five years as one of AT&T's top sales managers, four years as a personal and business growth expert with AT&T School of Business, and four years working with best-selling author Stephen Covey.

Mr. Ray has studied and been exposed to a wide diversity of teachings and teachers - from traditional college and the business schools of AT&T to the ancient cultures of Peru and Egypt and the jungles of the Amazon. As a result, he has the unique ability to blend the mystical and practical into a usable and easy-to-access formula.

Because of his comprehensive background, James considers himself a "practical mystic." His Journey of Power curriculum is the fusion of wealth-building principles and success strategies, as well as the teachings of all great spiritual traditions, mystery schools, and esoteric studies that James has experienced and assimilated over the last twenty-five years.

When he is not on retreat learning from his spiritual mentors, James conducts more than 150 days of public appearances and seminars each year. As a coach and teacher, James has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations create harmony and wealth in all areas of their business and life.

What will your life be like when money is unlimited? At last, here's the program that you have been waiting for! James Ray has discovered that all top achievers have a common mindset that drives them to think and act in exactly the same way. By deliberately following six Critical Success Factors, they achieve ultimate results in their personal, professional and spiritual lives. The Million Dollar Mindset contains the insider secrets to guarantee that you will create the million-dollar lifestyle you want and deserve. By understanding and applying the concepts in this program, you will attract the money and the lifestyle you have always longed for. Here are some key concepts that you will discover: - The "inner game" of success is the primary driving force for results

- There are several small things, which when done consistently, will create massive impact

- Success comes from playing full-out, holding yourself to higher standards and doing what most invariably don't

- The single most important distinction that will create wealth in your life

- Creative approaches and fundamental methods that give you the leading edge

- How to rise above any and all external circumstances and use them to your advantage

- Money is created by specific actions and by making definitive commands Once these concepts are understood,

you will learn:

- The three distinct levels of manifesting money and an unlimited lifestyle

- The seven internal drivers of success

- The three secrets of compensation and how to gain the maximum returns

- The common skill of all legendary leaders and how to develop it within yourself

- How to help others go beyond "decision hesitation"

- The six psychological factors of strategic influence and how they are mastered

- Why a high-powered, high-impact environment is critical to your achievement And this is just the beginning! The Million Dollar Mindset gives you the combination and unlocks the door to the money, success, fulfillment and lifestyle at the core of your heart's desire. Regardless of your current position, results or skills, this amazing way of living is within your reach. Take charge of your life and your destiny RIGHT NOW and experience the wealth others can only imagine!

About the Author

James Arthur Ray is a leading entrepreneur and life-success coach. He has helped thousands of individuals and organizations ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate their spiritual and business growth. A principal expert in the psychology and science of success, James has devoted over two decades to studying the factors that create success momentum. James has developed The Science of Success, a series of easy-to-learn, proven methods and skills that produce outstanding, consistent results in all areas of life. His advanced principles for producing accelerated improvement in performance are leading those individuals and organizations that want to build an Entrepreneurial Mindset™ and create rapid forward momentum in their career, relationships, finances, spirituality and state of well-being.