Journey to the Emerald City BY Roger Connors, Tom Smith

Journey to the Emerald City BY Roger Connors, Tom Smith
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Journey to the Emerald City

BY Roger Connors, Tom Smith


Taking inspiration from The Wizard of Oz, international management consultants Roger Connors and Tom Smith have adapted the underlying framework of one of the world's most famous morality plays to propose a better way of doing business. In their first book, The Oz Principle, they described the potential benefits of a related structure of corporate unification and discussed its long-range ramifications for organizational improvement. In their new effort, Journey to the Emerald City: Achieve a Competitive Edge by Creating a Culture of Accountability, they articulate a step-by-step plan for accelerating its development. The obstacle-strewn path negotiated by the story's legendary characters helped create an "understanding of what was needed in order to achieve the goals of each person on the team," write Connors and Smith. "Yet, the journey not only led to personal insight about what needed to change, but also a collective insight about how the team needed to think and act as a whole in order to get where they were going." Accordingly, the authors present a Yellow Brick Road-map here for altering behavioral patterns of employees and managers to get them working together more effectively to achieve superior results. --Howard Rothman

Product Description

Connors and Smith explore the direct link between a company's culture and the results it produces, providing a program to transform entrenched patterns into potent new ways of being and doing. Getting to the core of why people work as they do is a dynamic process demanding that leaders take control of the culture to create experiences that foster beliefs, drive actions, and produce the ultimate competitive advantage. Filled with success stories, the book introduces a step by step model to help people at any level of the organization take action that will alter the company's belief system in order to produce the desired results.