The Secret Science of Price and Volume: Techniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks by Tim Ord

The Secret Science of Price and Volume: Techniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks by Tim Ord
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The Secret Science of Price and Volume:

Techniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks

by Tim Ord

In The Secret Science of Price and Volume, leading market timer Tim Ord outlines a top-down approach to trading¡ªidentifying the trend, picking the strongest sectors, and focusing on the best stocks within those sectors¡ªthat will allow you to excel in a variety of markets. With this book as your guide, you¡¯ll quickly become familiar with Ord¡¯s proven method and discover how it can be used to make more profitable trading decisions.


Timothy Ord is President, Editor, and Publisher of The Ord Oracle, which is an electronic advisorynewsletter that recommends S&P, NASDAQ, and gold stock trades. He is frequently listed as one of the top-ten market timers in the country. Timer Digest ranked him the number-one gold timer for the one-year period ending January 13, 2006, and the number-two gold timer¡ªand number-five S&P timer¡ªin 2004. Ord introduced the tick index method in 1991, and the method is now widely used by short-term stock traders. He has also developed a new trading method (packaged in a software program) called Ord Volume, which measures strength in a rally or decline for a stock or index.


Preface. Acknowledgments.

About the Author.

Chapter 1. My Path to Successful Trading.

Becoming a Broker.

First Foray into Technical Analysis.

A "Student" of the Market.

An Incomplete Picture.

Understanding Market Timeframes.

"Discovering" Wyckoff.

Price and Volume Relationships.

My Trading Methodology.

Chapter 2. Overview of My Method.

Timeframes and Trading.

Taking a Top-Down Approach.

Aligning with the Market.

Chapter 3. Physics of Price and Volume Analysis.

Determining Buy and Sell Signals Using Ord-Volume.

The Bullish Setup.


Chapter 4. Price and Volume Relationships.

Volume Analysis at Swings.

Trading Gaps with Volume Comparisons.

Chapter 5. Combining Ord-Volume with Swing Price and Volume Relationships.

Combining Ord-Volume and Volume Relationships.

Understanding Volume Pushing Price and Timeframes.

Using Longer and Shorter Chart Timeframes.

Summing It Up: Swing Price, Volume and Ord-Volume.

Chapter 6. The "Wind at your Back" Method.

Finding Market Direction.

Breadth Analysis.

Volume Analysis.

Momentum Analysis.

Chapter 7. Sector Analysis and Stock Analysis.

The Importance of Sentiment.

Sector and Stock Analysis.

Investor Sentiment Helps Pick Market Turns.

Summing It Up: The Consensus of Indicators.

Chapter 8. Gold Stocks.

The Big Picture.

Reading the Price Relative to Gold Ratio (PRTG).

Elliott Wave Analysis in Gold.

Using "Third Time Up" and Volume Analysis.

Applying Breakout Analysis.

What Lies Ahead for Gold.

Concluding the Gold Discussion.

Chapter 9. Putting it All Together.

Step 1: Reading Market Sentiment.

Step 2: Evaluating Breadth, Volume and Momentum.

Step 3: Picking the Strongest Sectors.

Step 4: Selecting the Strongest Stocks.

Putting It All Together.