Slowing Down to the Speed of Life: How To Create A More Peaceful, Simpler Life From the Inside Out by Richard Carlson (Author), Joseph Bailey (Author)

Slowing Down to the Speed of Life: How To Create A More Peaceful, Simpler Life From the Inside Out by Richard Carlson (Author), Joseph Bailey (Author)
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Slowing Down to the Speed of Life: How To Create A More Peaceful, Simpler Life From the Inside Out

by Richard Carlson (Author), Joseph Bailey (Author)

Publisher: HarperOne; 1 edition (April 21, 1998)

Feel like you're always rushing but never catching up?Are you doing more, but enjoying it less? The frantic pace and pressure of modern life can take a serious toll on your happiness and your health'but there is one way to step off the treadmill without giving up your career or your activities. The answer lies not in sacrificing your work productivity or your lifestyle but rather in changing your attitudes. By using simple exercises to slow down your mind and focus on the present moment, you can actually achieve greater productivity and creativity-all while maintaining a calmer, healthier state of mind.

Slowing Down to the Speed of Life helps you:

Slow down your life without downsizing your lifestyle Enjoy the increased creativity and productivity that flow from inner calm Free yourself from the stressful influence of other peoples' habits, attitudes, behaviors, and moods Attain a sense of satisfaction with your life'and be happy!

Review This is the book for you if you've ever had the urge to tell off your boss, quit your job, hurl your Palm Pilot into the trash, and move to a farm. Written by bestselling stress consultant and psychotherapist Dr. Richard Carlson Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, it advocates the cultivation of a personal mindfulness and "thought navigation" to foster a sense of mental calmness and increased creativity and productivity. With sage tips reminiscent of those in Jon Kabat-Zinn's Wherever You Go, There You Are, Carlson recommends a "Psychology of Mind" approach that involves being fully present in each situation and not letting the attitudes of others ruin your day. This way, your thoughts become more organized--wiser, if you will--and you get more work done without even trying. This time management trick is what he says will improve your life--not a cell phone or an electronic scheduler or a personal assistant. Carlson's advice can be taken to heart, as he's used these techniques to improve his own life. While he was working on his Ph.D., he rose at 4 a.m. and "gulped down ten or fifteen cups of coffee" each day just to get all his work done, and would bristle if family emergencies took him away from his studying.

Not only does Carlson promise to help boost one's productivity, but he says that relationships and intimacy will improve as well. He maintains that disagreements--at home or at work--are less likely to blow up into full-fledged arguments if you're being calm and levelheaded. "A mind operating at the speed of life can see things as they really are," he writes. "Slowing down gives you needed perspective during times of transition and stress. When you operate at the speed of life and your child desires privacy, you'll probably remember that almost all teenagers go through phases of wanting space from their parents....Rather than take it personally, you'll be able to see the bigger picture. If your mind is moving too quickly, events as well as your own thoughts about events become much larger than they really are."

For anyone fed up with life's chaos, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life should prove to be an immensely helpful mental health manual. --Erica Jorgensen

Review "This book speaks right to the heart of the matter: how to get more satisfaction in life from less rushing around. Many people will change their lives dramatically by reading this great book." (George Pransky, Ph.D., co-founder of Psychology of the Mind and author of The Relationship Handbook )

"Age-old wisdom, presented in a practical, easy to understand manner, that can be utilized by everyone." (Bernie Siegel, M. D., author of LOVE, MEDICINE & MIRACLES and PRESCRIPTIONS FOR LIVING )

"A life-enhancing book with insightful principles for peaceful and productive living at work and at home." (Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior )