The Smart Investor's Money Machine: Methods and Strategies to Create Regular Income BY Bill Kraft

The Smart Investor's Money Machine: Methods and Strategies to Create Regular Income BY Bill Kraft
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The Smart Investor's Money Machine:

Methods and Strategies to Create Regular Income

BY Bill Kraft

Wiley Trading

Adobe E-Book 224 pages April 2009

Praise for The Smart Investor's Money Machine "Kraft writes in a style that is easy to read with attention to a large audience of investors and retirees (current and soon-to-be) that may have avoided some financial market opportunities because of perceived complexities. Bill makes clear sense of investor and retirement income possibilities. Apropos and useful to the financial market today." °™Kerry-Ben Kelly, small business owner and friend

"If you liked his first book, you'll love his second. Kraft builds on what the reader learned in his first book by going much deeper into the strategies and by discussing some new products, as well as viewing these from an investment perspective as well as a trading perspective. A must-read if you are serious about wealth accumulation." °™Phil Schwegler, Vice President, Investments, Smith Barney

"The Smart Investor's Money Machine is essential reading for investors of all ages. The timeless and tested strategies detailed by Mr. Kraft are well written and logically set forth. Superb information for the investor who desires to learn the intricacies of investing for maximum returns." °™Eric Aafedt, Publisher of


Bill Kraft practiced law for more than thirty years before embarking on a second career as a trader. As he became proficient at trading, Kraft began helping others to trade, which eventually led him to create a seminar company, Cutloss Inc., and to write about trading. Kraft is the editor of three online newsletters, including Under $10 Trader, Option Trader, and Trend Trader, which are published by, and a weekly newsletter alert, which is sent to well over 100,000 subscribers. Kraft is also the author of Trade Your Way to Wealth (Wiley).


Preface. Acknowledgments.

PART I Build a Money Machine.

CHAPTER 1 How We Get the Income We Need.

Nearly Everyone Needs Income.

One Source of Income Is Not Enough.

Add Streams of Income without Adding Another Job.

CHAPTER 2 A Blueprint for Your Money Machine.

First, Make the Commitment.

Establish the Foundation for Your Machine.

Create Your Personal Plan.

What the Plan Will Do for You.

Baby Boomer Example: The Baldings.

Middle-Class Family Example: The Middletons.

Young and Unattached or Newly Attached Example: Forrest Footloose.

CHAPTER 3 Assemble Your Money Machine.

Nuts and Bolts.

Fuel for the Money Machine: Fundamentals.

Some Help from Sectors: Utilities.

Master Limited Partnerships.

PART II Interchangeable Parts for the Money Machine.

CHAPTER 4 The Call That Pays You.

Exactly What Writing a Covered Call Means.

Great Things Writing Covered Calls Can Do for You.

Ways Covered Calls Can Benefit Different Investors.

The Balding Family: I Want to Keep My Stock but Still Make Income.

The Middletons: Strategy for an IRA or Roth IRA.

Forrest Footloose Uses LEAPS as the Underlying.

CHAPTER 5 Trading for Investors with No Time to Trade.

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

First, a Word about Open-End Funds.

A Better Choice: Closed-End Funds.

CHAPTER 6 Monitoring Trades.

The Concept of Selling Time.

Practical Application: Spreads.

Practical Application: Iron Condors.

Adjusting Credit Spreads and Iron Condors.

CHAPTER 7 Playing Naked.

Selling Naked Puts.

Selling Naked Calls.

Combining the Strategies°™Naked Straddles and Naked Strangles.

CHAPTER 8 Bonds.

The Elements of a Bond.

Pricing Issues.

Types of Bonds.

Strategies for Bond Investing.


CHAPTER 9 Annuities and Reverse Mortgages.

What Is an Annuity?

Types of Annuities.

Considerations for Annuity Investors.

Reverse Mortgages.

CHAPTER 10 Running the Money Machine.

Trade in the Present.

Develop Self-Discipline.

Be Willing to Cut Losses and Let Profits Run.

Keep Learning.

Practice What You Learn.



APPENDIX A Options Trading.

APPENDIX B Utilities and Master Limited Partnerships.

APPENDIX C Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) with Options.

APPENDIX D Suggested Reading.