Stock Trader's Almanac 2005 by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Yale Hirsch, Hirsch Organization

Stock Trader's Almanac 2005 by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Yale Hirsch, Hirsch Organization
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Stock Trader's Almanac 2005

by Jeffrey A. Hirsch, Yale Hirsch, Hirsch Organization

This practical investment tool contains a wealth of information you can use to enhance your profit potential.

Organized on a calendar basis, the Almanac alerts you to little-known market patterns and tendencies useful in forecasting market trends. You'll learn:

How our presidential elections affect the economy and the stock market.

How the passage of the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution fathered the January Barometer, which has a 90.7% accuracy ratio.

Why there is a significant market bias at certain times of the day, week, month, and year.

Even if you pay scant attention to cycles, indicators, and patterns, your investment survival could hinge on your interpretation on one of the recurring patterns found with these pages. Order your copy today!


2005 Strategy Calendar. Prognosticating Tools And Patterns For 2005.

January Almanac.

January¡¯s First Five Days An ¡°Early Warning¡± System.

The Incredible January Barometer (Devised 1972) Only Five Significant Errors In 54 Years.

January Barometer In Graphic Form Since 1950.

February Almanac.

Hot January Industries Beat S&P 500 Next 11 Months.

1933 ¡°Lame Duck¡± Amendment Reason January Barometer Works.

The Fifth Year Of Decades ¡ª No Losers In 120 Years.

Market Charts Of Post-Presidential Election Years.

March Almanac.

Profit On Day Before St. Patrick¡¯s Day.

Market Behavior When White House Changes Hands.

Post-Election Years: Paying The Piper.

April Almanac.

The December Low Indicator: A Useful Prognosticating Tool.

Under Democrats $10,000 Grows To $279,705 But Only To $78,699 Under The Republicans.

Down Januarys: A Remarkable Record.

May Almanac.

Top Performing Months Past 541/2Years Standard & Poor¡¯s 500 & Dow Jones Industrials.

¡°Best Six Months¡± Still An Eye-Popping Strategy.

MACD-Timing Triples ¡°Best Six Months¡± Results.

Top Performing NASDAQ Months Past 331/2Years.

June Almanac.

Get More Out of NASDAQ¡¯s ¡°Best Eight Months¡± With MACD-Timing.

Dow Gains Most First Two Days Of Week.

First-Trading-Day-Of-The-Month Phenomenon.

July Almanac.

2003 Daily Dow Point Changes.

Gridlock On Capitol Hill Is Best For The Markets.

A Rally For All Seasons.

August Almanac.

First Month Of Quarters Is The Most Bullish.

Aura Of The Triple Witch ¡ª Quarters 1 And 4 Bullish But Down Weeks Trigger More Weakness Week After.

Almanac Investing 101.

September Almanac.

A Correction For All Seasons.

Market Behavior Three Days Before And Three Days After Holidays.

Market Gains More Eight Days A Months Than On All 13 Remaining Days Combined.

October Almanac.

Eight Steps For Driving A Stake Through The Heart Of Bureaucracy.

Trade Like A Hedge Fund: Best Investment Book Of The Year.

Year¡¯s Top Investment Books.

November Almanac.

A Powerful New Tool For Almanac Investors.

Most Of The So-Called ¡°January Effect¡± Takes Place In The Last Half Of December.

Trading The Thanksgiving Market.

December Almanac.

Wall Street¡¯s Only ¡°Free Lunch¡± Now Served At Year-End.

January Effect Now Starts In Mid-December.

If Santa Claus Should Fail To Call Bears May Come To Broad & Wall.

Sector Seasonality: Selected Percentage Plays.

NASDAQ Composite Market Probability Calendar 2005.

Dow Jones Industrials Market Probability Calendar 2005.

S&P 500 Market Probability Calendar 2005.

Recent S&P 500 Market Probability Calendar 2005.

2006 Strategy Calendar.

Decennial Cycle: A Market Phenomenon.

Presidential Election/Stock Market Cycle The 171-Year Saga Continues.

Bull And Bear Markets Since 1900.


A Typical Day In The Market.

Through the Week On A Half-Hourly Basis.

Monday Now Most Profitable Day Of Week.

NASDAQ Days Of The Week.

S&P Daily Performance Each Year Since 1952.

NASDAQ Daily Performance Each Year Since 1971.

Monthly Cash Inflows Into S&P Stocks.

Monthly Cash Inflows Into NASDAQ Stocks.

November, December, And January ¡ª Year¡¯s Best Three Month Span.

November Through June ¡ª NASDAQ¡¯s Eight-Month Run.

Standard & Poor¡¯s 500 Monthly Percent Changes.

Standard & Poor¡¯s 500 Monthly Closing Prices.

Dow Jones Industrials Monthly Percent Changes.

Dow Jones Industrials Monthly Point Changes.

Dow Jones Industrials Monthly Closing Prices.

NASDAQ Composite Monthly Percent Changes.

NASDAQ Composite Monthly Closing Prices.

Best & Worst Dow Days.

Best & Worst NASDAQ Days.

Best & Worst Dow Weeks.

Best & Worst NASDAQ Weeks.

Best & Worst Dow Months

Best & Worst NASDAQ Months.

Best & Worst Dow & NASDAQ Years.


Portfolio At Start Of 2005.

Additional Purchases.

Short-Term Transactions.

Long-Term Transactions.

Interest/Dividends Received During 2005/Brokerage Account Data 2005.

Portfolio At End Of 2005.

Weekly Portfolio Price Record 2005 (First Half).

Weekly Portfolio Price Record 2005 (Second Half).

Weekly Indicator Data 2005.

Monthly Indicator Data 2005.

If You Don¡¯t Profit From Your Investment Mistakes Someone Else Will/Performance Record Of Recommendations.

IRA: Most Awesome Investment Incentive Ever Devised.

Top One Hundred-Forty Exchange Traded Funds.

G.M. Loeb¡¯s ¡°Battle Plan¡± For Investment Survival.

G.M. Loeb¡¯s Investment Survival Checklist.

Important Contacts.