Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering by Grant Palme .chm format.

Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering by Grant Palme .chm format.
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Technical Java: Applications for Science and Engineering by Grant Palme

ebook format is .chm format.

Publication Date: April 21, 2003

Advanced Java for Engineers and Scientists gives the reader all the information needed to use Java to create powerful, versatile, and flexible scientific and engineering applications. The book is full of practical example problems and valuable tips. Grant Palmer, a research scientist himself, goes in-depth into advanced technical programming concepts applicable to scientific-oriented applications, such as solving differential equations, data modeling, integration of functions, and creating generic class libraries. The last section of the book shows readers how Java can be used to develop GUI or Web-based front-ends to scientific or engineering programs.

From the Back Cover TechnicalJava™

Developing Scientific and Engineering Applications Grant Palmer The practical, example-rich guide to Java technical programming If you want to use Java todevelop scientific or engineering programs, Technical Java is the Java guide you’vebeen searching for. Using real-life examples, expert scientific programmerGrant Palmer shows how to build powerful, versatile, and flexible software forvirtually any technical application. Whether you’re moving from FORTRAN,C, or C ++, or learning Java as your first language, Palmer covers all you needto know—

Java, FORTRAN, C, and C ++, similarities, differences, and migration issues Java 1.4 syntax, objects, classes, methods, interfaces, variables, arrays, exceptions, packages, I/O, and more Working with java.math and creating your own math functions—including detailed trigonometric and transcendental examples Data modeling, in depth: class hierarchies, generic class libraries, least-squares fit, fitting to non-polynomial equations, and more Solving differential equations and systems of equations, including Gauss-Jordan and Gaussian elimination, lower-upper decomposition, and matrix inversion Solving integral equations with both proper and improper integrals Working with Fourier transforms (DFT and FFT) Building Web and GUI-based technical applications with Swing/AWT and servlets PRENTICE HALL

Profession TechnicalReference

Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

ISBN: 0-13-101815-9

UPC: 076092022398

About the Author About the Author GRANT PALMER, a scientific programmer at NASA Ames Research Centerin Moffett Field, CA, specializes in computational fluid dynamics programmingto predict friction-related heat in reentering space vehicles. He has writtenor contributed to five Java books, including Java Event Handling (Prentice HallPTR). Palmer resides in Chandler, Arizona.