A Beginner's Guide To The World Economy by Randy Charles Epping

A Beginner's Guide To The World Economy by Randy Charles Epping
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The Beginner's Guide To The World Economy: Revised Edition by Randy Charles Epping

Publisher: Vintage; 2nd edition October 31, 1995 Adobe E-Book

When browsing through Epping's 77 basic economic concepts, a beginner begins to see that everything is connected in our global economy. A decision to buy a pair of athletic shoes on Main Street, USA, perpetuates child labor in Indonesia. Epping does ask, though, whether the condition of that child worker should be judged by "Western standards" or "local standards." Epping is an American citizen who has been living in Switzerland, where he heads an international consulting firm. His basic concepts are selective. He devotes as much space to the issue of "What is a warrant?" as he does to "What are the roots of third world poverty?" He emphasizes topics related to investments and trade but also seems fascinated by the darker side of economics (money laundering, black markets, corruption, international criminals, etc.). Epping has revised the 1992 version of this book by adding six concepts and updating examples used to explain the other 71. His guide will appeal to those put off by textbook economics. David Rouse

Product Description In 75 clear and engaging entries, Epping explains the concepts readers hear discussed on every evening's news and that have an intimate bearing on their lives and livelihoods. From quotas to subsidies to the WTO, from tax havens to currency options, this timely book offers a fountainhead of vital information, presented simply but never simplistically--and without a single graph.