USMLE Road Map: Pathology by George R. Wettach, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry Morgan

USMLE Road Map: Pathology by George R. Wettach,	Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry Morgan
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USMLE Road Map: Pathology

by George R. Wettach, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry Morgan


The Express Route to USMLE Excellence in Pathology You'll never find an easier, more efficient, and more focused way to ace pathology and pathology-related questions on the USMLE than USMLE Road Map: Pathology. Designed to provide maximum learning in minimum time, this unique review offers a concise, creative, and well-illustrated new approach to mastering pathology.


USMLE Shortcuts for effective USMLE preparation

Outline Format with Two-color Presentation guides you through the most important areas in pathology

High-Yield Facts promote comprehension and recall

Over 90 Images including photomicrographs and clinical pictures

Rapid Review Glossary defines common terms, diseases, signs, syndromes, and bodies

Learning Tips and Tricks garnered from years of interaction with students just like you

Clear Explanations from instructors with the experience to know the questions you would ask

Table of contents

Using the USMLE Road Map Series for Successful Review Contributors Preface 1. Autopsy and Forensic Medicine: Cellular Injury and Repair, Michelle Jordan

2. Molecular Diagnostics, Julie Kingery, George R. Wettach, Richard Press

3. Skin, Michele Thompson, George R. Wettach, Clifton White, Jr.

4. Head and Neck, Thomas W. Palmrose, Terry K. Morgan

5. Oral Cavity and Dentition, Jeffery Stewart

6. Heart and Circulation, Thomas W. Palmrose

7. Lung, George R. Wettach

8. Gastrointestinal System, Dustin Shackleton, Christopher L. Corless

9. Liver and Biliary Tract, Dustin Shackleton, Christopher L. Corless

10. Kidney and Lower Urinary Tract, Megan Troxell

11. Endocrine and Nutrition, George R. Wettach, Sandra L. White, Thomas W. Palmrose

12. Breast, Reva Ricketts-Loriaux, Terry K. Morgan

13. Female Reproductive Tract and Placenta, George R. Wettach, Terry K. Morgan

14. Male Genital Tract, Terry K. Morgan

15. Bone and Soft Tissue, Eric A. Goranson, Atiya Mansoor

16. Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nerves, and Skeletal Muscle, Sakir H. Gultekin, Randy Woltjer

17. Lymph Nodes, Bone Marrow, Spleen, and Thymus, Jennifer Dunlap, David M. Gray, Ken Gatter

18. Bleeding Disorders and Transfusion Medicine, George R. Wettach, Richard Scanlan

19. Pediatric Pathology and Congenital Syndromes, Craig Midgen, Sarah J. Rollin, Douglas Weeks

20. Immune System Mediated Disease, Thomas W. Palmrose, George R. Wettach, Antony Bakke

Rapid Review Glossary, George R. Wettach I. Common Terms II. Diseases, Signs, and Syndromes III. Bodies Index

Biographical note

George R. Wettach, MD, Pathology Resident, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR.

Terry K. Morgan, MD, PhD, Director of Cytopathology Fellowship and Placental Pathology , Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland, OR.

Thomas W. Palmrose, MD,, Cytopathology Fellow, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR.